Cocktail Build | Pisco Chilcano - Tomb Raider Level: Peru

Since childhood, my best friend and I have been playing Tomb Raider. Together. As one person. I've always been in charge of the left half of the keyboard (jumping, interacting with items, grappling, crouching, etc.) and she always controls the camera angle, movement, weapon changes, and shooting. Hours have been spent perfecting this craft. Much chocolate and many drinks have been had over the years. So, in a quest to add some education to our tomb raiding, swan diving, puzzle solving activities, we decided to start researching the country in which each level is set and find a drink from each location to consume while doing it all. For the Peru level of Tomb Raider: Legend, we decided to tackle the Pisco Chilcano, which turned out to be a delightfully refreshing, effervescent beverage. 


Here's the general recipe we used. If you're feeling spunky, this is the kind of recipe where you can double up the alcohol content and still have a a pretty smooth tasting drink.


Pisco Chilcano

1oz Pisco  (a Peruvian brandy - we went with Don Benedicto)

3 drops Angostura Bitters  (a little goes a long way)

Lime Juice  (to taste)

Simple Syrup (to taste - again, a little goes a long way)

Ginger Ale  (fill to the top)



Garnish with a lime wedge.