Edible Orlando Summer 2016 | Central Florida Photographer

It's been a while since I updated my blog! One day I'll be a little more consistent with updating my most recent projects. Ha! But here's a little look at some of the feature shots for this past Summer 2016 issue. 

We had a little adventure up to the New Smyrna Farmer's Market to visit the Barefoot Farmer of Samsula aka Tomazin Farms. Not only was Paul Tomazin wonderful to photograph, but he was very welcoming and sent us on our way with some thank you produce! (Thanks again, Paul!) Want veggies? Check out tomazinfarms.com

We also ended up in Sanford, photographing Kendra Wallace and her local coffee shop, bar, and vinyl hangout, Rabbitfoot, as well as a BLT from the new Tennessee Truffle.

Looking forward to Fall!